Live Casino Cashback

Play Live Casino and if you happen to get unlucky we will cover some of the damage. A safety net of sorts. Each Monday by noon we will refund 10% of ANY funds you might have lost in Live Casino the previous week.


How to get your Live Casino Cashback:

  1. Simply play Live Casino between Monday and Sunday.
  2. If you get unlucky we will cover 10% of your losses up to EUR 100

Terms and Conditions

  1. The Live Casino Cashback is open to all players who play any game under the Live Casino tab.
  2. The cashback will be equal to 10% of any Live Casino player losses incurred from 00:00 on Monday until and 23:59:59 on Sunday.
  3. The cashback is limited to EUR 100 or its currency equivalent per week.
  4. Currency equivalents for EUR 100: USD 100/ AUD 100/ GBP 100/ CHF 100/ NZD 100/ CAD 100/ PLN 400/ NOK 1,000/ RUB 6,500/ INR 6,500/ ARS 6,500.
  5. The cashback will be credited every Monday as a reward for any Live Casino play that took place the previous week.
  6. The cashback is not subject to wagering requirements - it can be immediately withdrawn by the player.
  7. Royal Rabbit reserves the right (and will often apply it) to increase the maximum amount or percentage of the cashback for certain players based on other criteria - player loyalty, relationship between Royal Rabbit and a given player, personalised bonus plans, etc. Such cases can’t be used by other players as an argument to claim larger cashback bonuses.
  8. The player will be notified by Royal Rabbit shortly after the cashback is credited.
  9. The cashback is subject to the general bonus terms and conditions with the exception of any clauses that refer to wagering requirements (due to its real-money nature).